2021 / 2022 : Seneffe / Belgium

The starting point for this work, which is situated in the middle of a wooded area, is a balanced interplay of man and nature.


A tree fungus formation has been attached to the outer wall of the climbing hall. The mushrooms create a poetic effect and merge with the building and its green environment. The building forms a nutrient base and carrier put together in one. The mushroom-like sculptures refer to tree fungi that are common in this area, but also to Reishi mushrooms.


Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is a medicinal mushroom that has been used for traditional medicine for centuries, especially in the Far East. Throughout history, it was considered a herb with extreme antiviral and antibacterial properties that strengthens the immune system. A quality that has a special significance, especially today. Hence why Reishi was even given a nickname: the Devine mushroom of Immortality.


The large-scale mushroom-like formation resembles that of the Reishi mushroom as well as in shape as in structure. In addition the mushroom-like sculptures and the climbing aids represent a clear interaction.