Damme / Belgium

Cityfestival ‘I Become the Quest of Being’

21.9. - 4.11.2018



By the end of September the very first edition of the Art experience festival ‘Ik word de zoektocht van het zijn’ (which translated means I become the quest of being) will be launched in Damme, Belgium. This will happen under the artistic leading of Jan Moeyaert (Watou, Beaufort). In the mix of collected stories, the power of word and image will be the main features during the city festival.

Damme is a town in the Belgian province of West Flanders. At many of these great heritage sites, visitors can also experience literature, contemporary art, music, philosophy and heritage during the festival.

As wel as in the old hospital site as in the church, artists, authors and illustrators show how they experience this search: the so called quest of being. A number of sculptures and collages by Andreas Hetfeld will also be exhibited here.