Museum Katharinenhof / The Netherlands

‘Kreislauf - circulation’

24.6. - 28.10.2018

During this group exhibition the work of Andreas Hetfeld will be shown in the museum as well as in the historic mill tower of small border town Kranenburg. Andreas will transform one floor of the mill tower into a ‘Raum des Glaubens’, a space-filling sculpture in which ‘prayer' will be the main subject. In the museum you can visit his work ‘Louis - nature of the human being’. This sculpture is based on the true story of Louis de Wijze, one of the holocaust survivors. This work consists a lot of heaviness and hope at the same time. It shows the different aspects of human existence, containing primal instincts that we all possess.

The opening of this event will take place on the 24th of June at 11am local time.


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