Seneffe / Belgium



The sportscenter La Marlette in Seneffe in Belgium is located in a natural setting on the banks of the Brussels-Charleroi canal. La Marlette is a paradise for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers! This sportcenter will be redeveloped by the engineering and architecture agencies Artgineering and Bureau Greisch. Andreas Hetfeld will develop the artistic interventions for this site.





Because of the trees you will not discover them easily but when visitors walk on la Marlette's site, they will encounter two remarkable old electricity masts. The masts are standing loose and solitary in the woody and very birdy landscape. The electricity wires that formed the connection between the two masts were disassembled in the 1990's, and the electricity masts were left useless. Since they have been abandoned, they became distorted by weather effects over the time; even the colour of the old masts has changed. Moss is growing on them, you'd say that nature is doing its best do deform them into trees.





This aspect, the relationship and fusion of the manmade technique with nature, is the theme Andreas Hetfeld has chosen. Andreas will enlarge this aspect in this work of art. He will make a fusion between solitary nests and one of the masts and a fusion of one massive nest-colony and the other mast. The nest-colony and nests, constructed from aluminium profiles, will have the same structure as the masts. These open, organic constructions will literally become one with the masts and the nature surrounding it.

Realization: 2020