a sculpture for the city of Nijmegen

With 'Viewpoint' Andreas won first prize from the Jury on the Design Competition 'Nijmegen along the river'. Nijmegen is the oldest Roman city of the Netherlands. In addition to the first prize, he received the 2nd prize from the Public Jury. Andreas´s design is an enlarged existing Roman Mask. This reconstruction, the ‘Viewpoint’ will be built up to 5, almost 6 meters high and can be used as an Observation Post.

Meanwhile, many sponsors have  joined the project up until now. If everything goes according to plan,  the sculpture will be ready in summer 2019. In February the construction process of the sculpture started in the shipyard Gelria in the city of Nijmegen. On the 11th of April this year Vieuwpoint was shipped along the Waal to Millingen aan de Rijn, where in the shipyard there the construction process will be continued.




Follow the construction process here

Construction process - 'Viewpoint' - 11.04.2019

Construction process - 'Viewpoint' - 11.04.2019

Construction process - 'Viewpoint' - 11.04.2019

Construction process - 'Viewpoint' - 30.03.2019

Construction process - 'Viewpoint' - 19.03.2019

Construction process - 'Viewpoint' - 13.03.2019

Construction process - 'Viewpoint' - 04.03.2019

Construction process - 'Viewpoint' - 27.02.2019

Construction process - 'Viewpoint' - 20.02.2019

Construction process - 'Viewpoint' - 18.02.2019

Construction process - 'Viewpoint' - 10.02.2019

Construction process - 'Viewpoint' - 07.02.2019





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